by Gunshot

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Breathe me in, now listen whilst I kill you slow, I walk the earth planting seeds of destruction and woe, I am the nightmare, visions of panic and night fears - My peers decipher my rhymes in light years, I heard them cry, and I laughed when I heard them die, when questioned why, it was revenge for Malachi! The Sword of Gideon that killed many, many millions, Sigma, Phi, Zeta, Kappa, Epsilon, Sanskrit writer, Cyrillic alphabet speaker, Haile Selassie truth seeker, Apalachian Mountain Climber, burn your soul as the flames reach higher, Comprehending what I’m speaking? Hard headed, bare knuckle fighting, snake charming and bear baiting, No debating, I’m here standing to help Satan, Blood soaken, down trodden & overcome, Furtive glances, hate figures & putrid slums, Acid thrown in the faces yes of many men, Keep saying its ok, so we pretend, Group thinking, no time for critical, analysis, so everything is literal, I gave you extreme right and left views, Nigel Farage, Donald Trump & fake news, I hate Muslims, hate Jews and hate fools, I’m the hate, that hate made to hate you, Isotropes & zeotropes & molecules, DNA with Stem Cells & Kilojoules, Paxil, Seroxat, Fluoxitine, Tetra Hydra Cabinol, Cocaine & Scopolamine, Christ in excelsius, Paedophilles & Crusades, Starter pistols, Stanley knives with two blades, Skunk Weed, Alcohol downed in 2-days, Yoot dem ah run tings, who cares what you say, My grand design to bring pain in 3rd degree burn, first, second and reclaim, Rain, Terror & bloodshed reigns in my plain, Darkness to light, Brexit & Migraines, Crush your ambitions, Crush your dreams, Crush your hopes, Crush your ambivalence to Ketamine, I want you stupefied, brain calcified, re-classified, zombified in Formaldehyde, Give tanks to Rastafari, kill the far right, bury em deep, neck height, it’s alright, Sandinistas, no difference to Corbynistas, A false promise to young men and senoritas Breathe me in, The Rapture & Darkness marinades your skin, And everything I write and rhyme is frightening, Like a horde of locusts, Dark Clouds & lightening, Undefinable, my mind is enlightening, shining bright like a Rolex or Breitling, The dread that I emanate is too damn stifling, Bringing pure panic for fear of what the night brings, The web that I weave is pure vividness, The moves that I make is pure wickedness…… The face of my father I can’t recognise so everything that I write & rhyme becomes weaponised, Conspiracy thinking becomes secularised, Hate for the other becomes homogenised, I’m only here to theorise about the state of mankind, evangelise & open eyes, So I hope that you can hear me clearly, While I whisper Agememon theories The Blood, The Body and Christ and the Altar, Hold my hand tightly breathe me in Sulphur……




released July 27, 2018

Executive produced by Gunshot
Produced by OG Bulldog


all rights reserved



Gunshot UK

Gunshot are back with their most personal song yet!

"Burn Cycle" follows up their 2018 come back track "Sulphur".

Releasing February 2020 on digital and 7inch vinyl!

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